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Need Help?

ATTENTION: Olympic Lifters, Crossfitters & Athletes

In just 6 short weeks - smash your strength goals and increase your max lifts by a minimum of 10% - guaranteed!

What is "The 6-Week Strength Series"? 

The Ultimate 6 Week Strength Protocol

This is a proven plan that has been tried and tested by thousands of athletes from around the world averaging over 15% improvements on their key lifts within just 6 weeks!

Improved Power & Strength

The 6 Week Strength Series is a blueprint designed to systematically improve both power and strength in all your Olympic Lifts and smash through any plateaus to get you to your next PB - GUARANTEED!

Step by Step programming with extensive video walkthroughs

Remove any confusion on how to execute any parts of the plan and hit your goals. Simple yet extremely effective programming proven by thousands of members from over 63 different countries

The Strength Series Is Perfect For Lifters Who...

  • Have Hit A Plateau: If you've been training a while and can't seem to break that PB barrier the Strength Series is perfect for you! Focusing 6 weeks on specific strength work will allow you to see real, sustainable progress on all your key lifts.
  • Want a Challenge: I'll be honest... this isn't a "walk in the park" kind of plan! You're gonna put in the work, but the results will be worth it I promise! It's been designed to be challenging, but still achievable so you're not left feeling deflated or defeated by any workout!
  • ​Are Looking to Focus on Barbell Work: speaking mainly to the crossfit crowd here... but spending 6 weeks dedicated to barbell strength work will improve your performance in your WODs massively!
  • Want to be THE Guy/Gal In The Gym That Slings Big Weight: Lets be honest... we all love to be seen by our peers as "the strong one". This plan is your unfair advantage to take that title and see some mad gains in just 6 week from now!

Everything You Get Access To Today...

6-Weeks of World Class Structured Workouts

  • 3 Main Strength Training Sessions Per Week: These are tough to the point workouts focused on one thing... STRENGTH!
  • 2 Assistance Training Session Per Week: Although optional these will catapult your results into the next tier!
  • ​Simple Effective Programming: You don't need to be in the gym for ours doing thousands of exercises for effective results!
  • ​No Guesswork: Every set, rep and exercise is fully detailed and clearly mapped out for you to follow along.
  • Cutting Edge Membership Platform: Access all your training programs from any device wherever you are.
  • ​​Lifetime Access: Unlimited lifetime access to the program and all your bonuses so you can repeat the plan as many times as you want!

Easy to Follow Exercise Video Tutorials

Don't ever feel lost with an exercise again! Every day has your training plan and along side is simple video tutorials on how to perform each exercise the right way!

Understanding the movements and performing them with the right form will allow you to progress faster, avoid injury and see those numbers rise!

Members Only Private Community

Having a team around you to support and push you is critical to success! Our private discord community is by far my FAVOURITE part of coaching so many people! 

You get to share your wins, your struggles, ask questions and show off your brand new PBs that you're going to smash by the end of the program!

Every week there is a LIVE Q&A to get all your questions answered and the incredible crew in the group are always there to support and help you with everything lifting related! 

Plus... Get These Exclusive Bonuses When You Get Started Today:


Snatch Masterclass

An in depth masterclass by Olympian Sonny Webster to perfect your Snatch technique


Clean & Jerk Masterclass

An in depth masterclass by Olympian Sonny Webster to perfect your Clean & Jerk technique

Here's What You Get When You Get The 6-Week Strength Series Today:

  • 6-Week Strength Series: Step by step follow along strenght program to add 10% to your max lifts.
  • ​Easy to Follow Exercise Video Tutorials: Never feel lost or confused on how to perform an exercise correctly
  • Members Only Community: Get support, inspiration and share your journey with thousands of other lifters
  • BONUS #1: Snatch Masterclass: An in depth masterclass by Olympian Sonny Webster to perfect your Snatch technique
  • BONUS #2: Clean & Jerk Masterclass: An in depth masterclass by Olympian Sonny Webster to perfect your Clean & Jerk technique


Get Started Now For Just: $47



Worst case scenario is you invest in the 6 week strength series and it ends up not working for you.. right? 

Well, let me give you a solution for that.. 

If you complete the plan and don't hit a 10% PB on any of your key lifts, just send me an email to and I will refund you 100% of your money immediately. Can’t say fairer than that?

You've Got Questions... We've Got Answers!

Q. Is there a guarantee?

A: YES! I'm so confident this plan works, if you follow the plan, complete the assessments and still don't hit a PB on any of your lifts I will buy the program back from you.

Q. What equipment will I need?

A: The strength series is focused on helping you smash your current PB - so you need a barbell and weights heavy enough to achieve that. 

Q. How long will I have access to the content?

A: Forever and always... after signing up today you get instant access and can repeat the program as many times as you would like. 

Q. Is this one time payment or a subscription?

A: The Strength Series is a one time investment and you can use it over and over again.

Q. Is this program suitable for beginners?

A: Not really no - the strength series is designed for athletes that have a basic understanding of the Olympic lifts and can perform a full snatch and clean & jerk. 

Q. How long will it take to get access?

A: Immediately! As soon as you complete your order your login details will be sent to the email provided and there will be a video on the next page explaining how you can get the most out of the plan

Q. Can I buy the program but start it later? 

A: Absolutely! Once you sign up you have it for LIFE so can start and stop as you please. 
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